About Us

Gem Kids (GK) schoolhouse provides a stimulating learning program for kids aged from 18months to 6 years in a safe, warm, nurturing and homelike environment!

At GK schoolhouse, our children are encouraged to explore the world on their own, lead and participate in small group projects, and join in big groups for stories, discussions, music, arts and outdoor plays. Our teachers offer individualized response, activities and play materials tailored according to children’s progression and unique talents and abilities.
At Gem kids, children will have time to peruse a book, to build building blocks, to share interesting findings and stories with friends and teachers, to paint pictures, to knead doughs, and to discover about people, arts, nature and the world we live in through firsthand experience.

We provide opportunities and guide our children to grow in curiosity, initiative and independence, and learn social skills to cooperate and establish relationships with others based on respect, trust, fairness and empathy.

Core Values


Child initiated

Our set-up is entirely based on child-initiated education philosophy to develop the child in every way, and allows them learn best when they are fully focused and engaged.



We value trust in all relationships, and strive to build trust via our professionalism, ownership, integrity and transparent communication.



It takes the whole village to raise a child It would be never done by any individual but teamwork and partnership among teachers, parents and our little ones.



We are committed to ensure the cultural diversity of our community is recognized, valued, respected, and celebrated.


Passion for innovation

We love and encourage creativities. we also continuously nurture it at our own innovative way.


We envision cultivating our future leaders with strong and independent value system, and approach their life challenges with the spirit of respect, trust, and empathy.


We strive to provide a safe and clean environment for children to fully enjoy their childhood while embarking the life long journey.

We respect the difference of each child. We help each child discover their unique potential – cognitively, socially, and interpersonally.

We foster a diverse and inclusive community, and welcome the uniqueness of each individual.

We develop close links with child’s family and involve parents as our partners, as we recognize the importance of parents being the primary influence in child’s life.

We continuously develop our team and upgrade our curriculum to provide the best learning experience to children.