Early Reader Programme

GK schoolhouse Early reader Programme will help our children to learn and master the essentials skills of reading and more importantly to cultivate the reading habit that will benefit the children in the long run. Through continuously reading, children will build their confidence and grow into a skilled reader. The key objective of this programme are:

Developing the interest and desire to read

The habit of reading is probably one of the most important and useful habits a person should develop and keep. GK schoolhouse is dedicated to introduce and guide each of the children into the world of reading by providing professional reading activity and variously reading materials.

Phonics And Word Recognition

knowing the words, understanding what do the words and sentences mean, being able to sound out simple words in the book are three key capabilities for children to explore individually in a book and share the learnings with peers, teachers and parents.

Reading comprehension

Through oral comprehension techniques, our children will be able to understand the meaning and events described in the book and further more, understand the logic connection between events. Eventually this will help children to develop independent thinking processes.