The music playground ™ for young children

The music playground ™ program is catering for kids from different ages. The program was designed by DipABRSM, ATCL&LTCL professional team. we start to build the music foundation from toddler stage, penetrate whole 5 years’ kindergarten life time and ultimately our program will cohesive with LCM – London Colleague Music School Pre-Preparatory syllabus.

we focus on developing these key skills for our Gem Kids:

Listening-In our program we start to introduce the variance of music instruments from toddler age and present the sound to let them understand rhythm, tempo, melody, pattern, dynamic and the scales of the notes.

Music Appreciation-Kids are sensitive of melody since very young age. In our program, we immerse music knowledge through listening of different period’s well-known composer’s work such as Baroque Period, classical period, romantic period. They start to appreciate melody from young and build the foundation for future.

Sense of Rhythm-Like any other skills, rhythm is a skill need to be cultivated and developed from young age. we encourage the toddlers to incorporate full body movements. we use simple, kids friendly and attractive activities to teach the young kids the foundation of the music.

Coordination- Keyboard practice will engage from 3yrs old primarily. we use self-deigned flashcard to introduce notes reading, clef recognition, chord distinguishing, intervals etc. We use piano as the main instrument to build the coordination of little hands and feet, build the technical skills for our young performers.